Starpery 171cm A Hedy - USA Stock

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This doll is available to customers in the USA. She's in stock at our US warehouse, all put together beautifully and ready to send out to a new home. She could be all yours in just a few days.

We keep track of our stock manually and we try to keep it updated every day. On the very rare occasion that two customers purchase this doll at approximately the same time, we will process the order on a first-come-first-serve basis. We don't want to disappoint anyone (ever), so if this happens to you, please forgive us, we'll do everything we can to make it up to you!  😊

Starpery have launched thier super realistic hybrid sex doll range and full silicone sex doll range. Choose between a TPE body and silicone head, or opt for the full-silicone doll for an ultra-realistic finish. Starpery use their very own premium "platinum silicone" blend for that extra realistic feeling and super soft touch. All models have full-body, permanent painting and definition are available.  

All Starpery dolls come with implanted eyelashes and implanted eyebrows as default.  


Full Silicone:

Body: 171cm A cup
Material: Silicone Body & Silicone Head
Head: Hedy
Skin: Light tan
Hair: Implanted Synthetic (Same as photo)
Eyes: Full Movable Blue
Breast: Gel
Vagina: Fixed
Skeleton: EVO (Includes Shrugging Shoulders)
Fingers: Articulated Skeleton
Feet: Standing
Body Upgrades: Realistic Body Painting
Weight Reduction: Yes
Location: USA

Size & Info

Brand: Starpery
Height: 171cm
Height: 171cm
Model: 171cm A cup
Bust: 74cm
Waist: 55cm
Hip: 86cm
Cup Size: A
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Feet: 22cm
Oral Capability: Yes, with the "Soft Head" option only.
Oral Depth: 13cm (Soft head only) 
Vaginal  depth:18cm - 19cm
Anal depth: 16cm - 17cm
Weight (TPE): 41.5kg
Weight with Reduction (TPE): 32.5kg
Weight (Silicone): 42.5kg
Weight with Reduction (Silicone): 33.5kg

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