SE Doll 161cm G cup - Isabel

$2,260.00 $1,690.00

SE Doll provide premium quality sex dolls, hand made with extra care in the world-famous Jinsan workshop. 

SE Dolls are fully customizable and fully compatible with other doll manufactures located in the Jinsan workshop (WM + YL + OR), so with a little magic touch, you can create your dream doll in just a few clicks...

Their dolls are created using high-quality TPE, specifically developed to increase longevity and durability, it is both hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The dolls have a fully posable metal skeleton that gives the dolls both strength and flexibility.  

We have access to the full SE product range and can source any SE products you like. Can't find your dream doll? Contact our friendly team & we'll sort you out! 

Size & info. 

Brand: SE Doll
Height: 161cm
Weight: 35kg / 77.2 lbs
Head: 49
Bra Size: 30 G cup
Full Bust: 91cm / 35.5 in
Underbust: 67cm / 26.1 in
Waist: 60cm / 23.4 in
Hips: 84cm / 32.8 in
Mouth Depth: 15cm / 5.1 in
Vagina Depth: 17cm / 6.6 in
Anal Depth: 17cm / 6.6 in
Foot length: 21cm / 8.2 in
Package Size: 160 x 43 x 35cm

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