Doll Tales: Cleanup on Aisle 10

Featuring: Sex Doll 

 Read Time: approx. 7 mins

                   I walked through the automatic doors of the supermarket, noticing the nasty look that the clerk gave me as I rushed past her. It was 8 mins before close and, now she likely wouldn’t be able to close her register until I checked out. 

                   Normally, I would have held off until tomorrow, but I was down to a bottle of wine and a carton of eggs in my fridge. 

                   I grabbed a basket and headed towards the freezer aisle, stopping in front of the frozen pizza section. I was thankful that I’d always had a fast metabolism. Though I had a flat stomach, I carried most of my weight in my chest and ass. 

                   I perused the options, deciding on several of the more artisan selections.

                   I opened the freezer, shuttering. 

                  My nipples grew hard from the sudden burst of cold air. I looked down, noticing the pointed imprints against the thin fabric of my tank. The rosy shading of my areolas were nearly visible under the iridescent lighting. 

                 “Damn,” I whispered to myself. I knew I should have changed before leaving the house. I folded an arm across my chest and hauled ass down the aisle.

Luckily, there was no one else around. 

“Now, why would you do that?” a male voice said. 

I froze. 

That voice…I knew that voice. 

I looked around, but saw no one. 

“Yes, I’m talking to you, Ms. Tits,” he said, with a chuckle in his tone. 

I looked up. 

It was coming from the intercom. 

I turned to the nearby surveillance camera. 

“Don’t be a dick…show yourself.”

“Not till you show me a few things,” he paused. “Don’t worry, I sent everyone home. Not that you’ve ever minded an audience,” he said.

“Fuck you! I’m leaving,” I said, walking away from my cart. 

 “No you aren’t,” he said, with confidence in his voice. 

 Perhaps, arrogance, was a more appropriate description. 

 “Is that a threat?” 

I asked, stopping in the middle of the aisle. 

 “Not at all. I just know how much of a slutty minx you can be,” he said. 

 “Tosh,” I said. 

 I should have known.  

“Not till you show me a few things,” he paused. “Don’t worry, I sent everyone home. Not that you’ve ever minded an audience,” he said.

                   I knew that his family owned a chain of local grocery stores. However, I’d never seen him, here before. The previous owners has recently sold the property and they must of bought them out.

“Yes, Minxy. And here I thought you’d forgotten about me,” he said. 

 We’d dated a few months back. It was a brief but feral affair. 

 There were few places where we wouldn’t fuck if the mood struck, and it always did. Minxy was the nickname he’d given me. 

 The thought of him made my clit throb. He was a bit of a douche in real life, but quite the extraordinaire in the sack. 

 “Move your arm,” he commanded. 

 I dropped my arm from around my chest. 

 He let out a deep sigh, which came through like static, through the intercom. 

 “Mmm…rock solid, just how I like them,” he said. 

 “Tug at them through your shirt,” he added. 

 I allowed my hands to glide up my body, passing over my breasts. 

If he wanted a show, I was going to give him one. But it would be on my terms, not his. 

 I took out the water bottle from my purse. It was still half full of ice water. 

                  Opening the cap, I hovered the bottle over my chest, tilting it slightly, allowing the ice cold water to soak my tank. I winced from the shock of the freezing cold water against the increasing heat permeating from my body.

Each of my breasts were now clearly visible through the drenched white fabric. 

 I grabbed hold of one of the ice cubes, slowly pressing it against my enlarged nipple. 

 I let out a soft moan, reaching down and undoing the top of my jeans and revealing my crimson red, thong. 

 I stepped out of my jeans, trailing the ice down my taut stomach, before grabbing another ice cube. 

Leaning my back against one of the freeze doors, I grabbed hold of the door handle, before gliding my other hand under my panties and sliding the ice over my pulsing clit. 

“Shit!” I exclaimed between my hastened breathing. 

 I rubbed the ice over my clit, slow at first and then with a feverish tenacity, until the ice was no more. The fabric of my panties, now soaked from the water and my own juices.

I hadn’t realized that I’d closed my eyes until opening them and seeing him there in front of me. 

 All he wore was a look of animalistic lust in his eyes. 

 He pressed his body against mine, his solid dick pressing against my stomach. 

 He reached his hands down, tearing of my thong and exposing my swollen pussy. 

 He held a bottle in his hand, kneeling and then lifting me by the ass until he was face to face with my pussy. 

 He squeezed the contents from the bottle over my clit. I could smell the rich sweetness of the sticky substance. 

 “Fuck!” I exclaimed as he latched his mouth onto my clit, sucking it and the chocolate syrup, as if it would be his only meal for a while.

                   My moans grew louder and more intense as he motor-boated my pussy, tongue fucking me. I raised my hips, then lowered them back down, riding his face. His groans, muffled between the caress of my legs.

I grabbed hold of my nipples, squeezing them. 

 My body tensed, clenching from inside. 

 The tension continuing to build.

 “I’m coming,” I whimpered, barely able to catch a breath between the mounting waves of pleasure that took control. 

 He stood upright, lifting me in the air, his tongue still buried in my pussy. 

 I grabbed hold of his head, as he upped the speed and intensity of which he tongue fucked me. 

 “Ohhhhh,” I screamed. My body trembling, as I gave into the explosive surge that flooded through my body. 

 As he lowered me back down, I noticed the clerk from earlier at the end of the aisle. 

 I looked up at him, then over at her. 

 I turned back to him, grinning slightly. 

 “Round 2?” I said. 

 Instead of answering, he turned me around, pinning me against the freezer door, my face pressed against the glass. 

 He used his foot to spread legs. 

 I turned my attention to the clerk, waving her over. 

 She walked towards us. 

 I needed to come grocery shopping more often.

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