To start earning money from our affiliate program, simply join here.

Once you've joined, you'll receive a unique referral link ready to post on your website. If a customer clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on the 123 Sex Dolls website within 7 days, you will receive a commission. It's as simple as that! 

How much will you earn?

We pay a minimum of 2.5% for every product on our site. For example, if you refer a customer to 123 Sex Dolls, and they place an order for £1000. You will receive a £25 commission.  

Marketing tools 

Aside from your referral link, we also supply creative media including banners and images to help with your marketing. As the old saying goes... a picture speaks a thousand words.

Network link

You can earn more by referring other affiliates and helping to grow the 123 Sex Dolls affiliate team using the Network link. 

The Network link is a "Multi-Level Marketing" feature that allows you to invite or recruit other affiliates (friends, family or anyone you want) into the affiliate network, and earn a commission every time they link a customer to 123 Sex Dolls. 

How the network link works... You sign up as an affiliate and then decide to invite your friend via your Network link. let's call your friend "Yoda". 

Yoda refers a customer to 123 Sex Dolls which converts into a sale. Yoda receives a full commission for that sale, and you receive 15% Yoda's commission. 

Yoda doesn't sacrifice any of his commission, the commission that you make is in addition to Yoda's commission.

The trick is to invite great people that you think will bring in lots of sales so they are essentially making money for you while you sleep... 

There's even more to it than that... If Yoda then invites his friend Luke, and Luke invites his friend Anakin, there is a chain of affiliates: You >Yoda > Luke >Anakin.

  • If Anakin brings a referral order with the total amount of £1,599 ($2000), then Anakin will get the 2.5% standard commission £40 ($60).
  • Luke will also get 15% of Anakin's commission £6 ($8)
  • Yoda will also get 10% of Anakin's commission £0.60 ($1)
  • You will also get 5% of Anakin's commission £0.03 ($0.05)

The closer you are in the chain of affiliates to the affiliate who brings in the sale, the more money you make. 

Considering you may never even meet Luke or Anakin, the fact that they can be making you money is pretty cool... 

Essentially, it's a great way to earn more and grow your payouts into a nice big lump, it all adds up, and it gets pretty big, pretty quickly. Many people make a living out of affiliate marketing alone!

What are you waiting for? Join today and start earning! I want to join!

For technical reasons, please do not join our affiliate program using @hotmail email address or you may not receive our sign-up confirmation email. 


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