The 2019 Sex Doll Buyers Guide

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You’re a lone sailor, isolated at sea in the early 17th century. A long voyage awaits you and, naturally, you can’t stop thinking about the lady you left back on land. As the days pass, it becomes harder for the thoughts to escape your mind and you boarder closer and closer to insanity. After about a month, both wrists swell and leave you incapable of relieving you of your stress.

How do you keep yourself from derangement now?

Not only is it essential to your mental stability, it's also mandatory for optimal health. You gather some old clothes, grab a few rags, and fashion together an object that vaguely resembles that lady from back on shore. Maybe even put a mop on her "head".

Voila...the first sex doll!

Although this make-shift sexual release is the direct predecessor of today’s sex dolls, men no longer need to satisfy themselves with a female-shaped assemblage of rags and old clothes. Today, thanks to technological advancements and a wide-spread interest in sex dolls over the last few hundred years, men have more options than ever before within the sex doll industry. And as communicating and having the ability to find people with similar interests grows, we’re seeing more and more acceptance of sex dolls in today’s society.

Though not the same as the original love doll (thankfully), sex dolls are here to stay.

But with all the options available, how do you choose the right sex doll for you? Although that’s really a matter of preference, let’s dive into the different types available in the market today and help you choose what’s best for you.

There are four broad categories we’ll go over: Conventional Sex Dolls, Fetish Sex Dolls, Race-Based Sex Dolls, and Alternatives; the Alternatives are for the gentleman not yet ready for a sex doll.

Within each of these categories, we’ll then break it down by type. If you already know what you like, great!

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Conventional Sex Dolls

Race-Based Sex Dolls

Fetish Sex Dolls


High-end/Luxury Sex Dolls

White Girl Sex Dolls

Fairy Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Torsos

Premium Sex Dolls

Asian/Japanese Sex Dolls

Midget Sex Dolls

Fleshlight/Pocket Pussy

Beginners Sex Dolls

Black Sex Dolls

Big Boob Sex Dolls

Oral Sex Simulator

Cheap Sex Dolls

Hispanic Sex Dolls

Big Ass Sex Dolls




Flat Chest Sex Dolls




Mature Sex Dolls




Male Sex Dolls



Conventional Sex Dolls

Conventional Sex Dolls is the broadest category of sex dolls. Comprised of dolls mimicking everyday women with regular features, there are varying levels of quality and likeness. At the top of the tier lies Luxury Sex Dolls and Mid-level Premium Sex Dolls made from Silicone and TPE and built with metallic skeletons that allow its user to position it however they like. However, only the best sex dolls have superior technological features (read more about them below).

You’ll also find inexpensive vinyl blow-up dolls featured in the last section of this category.

Luxury Sex Dolls - High End

The sex dolls at this level are, understandable so, the absolute best love dolls being produced in todays society. Really, these dolls can more accurately be referred to as Sex Robots. They’re American Made and manufactured using proven streamlined methods that only produce the highest quality life-like sex dolls.

  • They have the ability to blink.
  • Their heads move from side-to-side.
  • These life like sex dolls can even talk!

Use the app (yes, there’s an app), and program your love doll with different distinct personalities.

These high-end sex dolls have removable heads and an option for interchanging the face. Now the next time you want to shake things up a bit, instead of saving for a new sex doll, change out the face/head and use the handy app for a completely new woman.

You essentially have multiple sex dolls wrapped up in one super sex doll!

Some key features you’ll find within the sex dolls at this level include duracast hands and feet. Duracast is the process of casting the hands/feet with stronger, longer-lasting silicone. You’ll also find their butt and breasts to be far superior because of the gel implants used when creating them; this allows for an ultra-realistic feel. Even the lining of the vagina is going to feel more realistic, if not better, than the real thing.

These dolls are truly the Rolls-Royce of sex dolls.

If you’re going to invest in a sex doll, there’s a strong argument to be had that the best return from that investment will be found in these sex doll robots. You can buy 5 different sex dolls for $12,000, or one custom sex doll for half the price.


So who is the best luxury sex doll?

Harmony x from 

  • Perfecting robot sex dolls since 1994
  • Dreamy eyes, soft skin, and dirty talk
  • $7,999

Premium Sex Dolls - Mid Level

Premium Sex dolls in the mid-level range are sometime hard to tell apart from the luxury sex dolls we were talking about before. This is because sex dolls in this level are still life-like and get the basics done properly. Where you’re going to see the difference between mid-level sex dolls and the luxury dolls is in the finer details such as the look and feel of the vagina, eyes, skin texture, and of course the ability to move and communicate.

Having sex with these dolls is ultra-realistic and pleasurable.

When buying a silicone sex doll at this level, you can expect that it will not be platinum coated or made from “duracast”. This may lead to more rapid drying over time. However, the skeleton and joints are built similar to the frames used in high quality love dolls and are thinner and more light-weight.

All-in-all, the high-quality sex dolls for sale at this level will surely leave you satisfied. They can be expected to last from 1-3 years.


Where to buy sex dolls in this level?

Annika from 123 Sex

  • She only wants to please you, little talking needed
  • School girl, young, mature, ready
  • $1,699


Beginners Sex Doll - Low Level

These cheap realistic sex dolls are generally smaller sex dolls and are sometimes referred to as mini sex dolls or petite sex dolls (not to be confused with midget sex dolls). Generally, these love dolls have smaller proportions but their breasts and butt tend to be of comparable size to the high-end sex dolls.

They boast DD cup sizes.

Sex dolls in this level tend to be fun-sized and have noticeable differences in their weight, complexion, durability, and realism. They’re perfect for first time love doll owners and great for people that are wanting a little more discretion. Because of their light weight and small frame, these sex dolls are more easily stored and handled during use.

Prefer a more fun-size doll?

These sex dolls are perfect for you.


What is a beginners doll like, and where can you find it?

Half Body Sex Doll from 123 Sex

  • Premium Half Body Sex Doll - She has what matters most
  • Smooth cheeks, soft legs, and plenty of cushion
  • $999

Cost Effective Sex Dolls

Cheap sex dolls that are cost effective are mostly used as gag-gifts. The love dolls in this level tend to be the more commonly known blow-up dolls, made of vinyl and loosely resembling the human female. There are clear differences in all areas of the doll as almost everything, including the hair, eyes, and vagina, is made from vinyl.

These dolls tend to deflate after a few short uses and are not recommended for people in search of realistic experiences.


Where can you find cheap sex dolls?

Sandy from 123 Sex is a good start! (and Google)

  • Because we do not specialize in cheap sex dolls, you may find different options elsewhere
  • Surprisingly satisfying, fill her with warm water for that extra-real feel
  • $99.99


 Cheap Sex Doll 



Race-based Sex Dolls

Just like there are different ethnicity's that make up our society, there are similar differences within the sex doll sphere. Sex dolls are designed to bring as much satisfaction and joy to a man as possible.

Now of course men care about more than just skin tone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have certain qualities in mind when thinking of our dream girl..

If you would like to see more dolls within a certain race-base, click on the “Full List” link next to each title.

White-Girl Sex Dolls (Full List)

“Where the white girls at?”

This type of sex doll includes girls of all shapes and sizes, so if you don’t see what you like below, click the Full List link above for a complete suite of options for white-girl sex dolls for men.

Now, choosing the best white girl sex doll was not an easy endeavor because there are so many beautiful girls to choose from. However, after careful consideration and voting conducted by our audience, we’ve found one of the best sex dolls for you fellas that adore these women.

Taking the number one spot for white sex dolls for men is…

Jessica from 123 Sex

  • Pure, sweet, and innocent
  • A princess that would put Snow White to shame
  • $1,799

Black Sex Dolls (Full List)

These sex dolls are sweet and delicious, giving you all their permission to shove your face between their chocolaty cheeks. Not all these girls are going to be so easy though, some of these dark-skinned vixens need a more tender lover. Foxy black sex dolls are here for you.

Whatever kind of lover you happen to be though, you can find a suitable real-life sex doll here. Click on the Full List link above for an entire selection of black sex dolls or look no further than the number one pick below for black sex dolls.

She’s hoping you will take her home with you, but for now she’s sitting on the top waiting. The number one black beauty is…

You ready for the top-shopped black sex doll?

It's Delilah!

  • Provider of sweet chocolate love
  • Firm, ready, and waiting to explore your body
  • $2,199

Asian/Japanese Sex Dolls (Full List)

Such tender lovers these girls can be, especially the Japanese sex dolls. With their gentle smiles and sweet eyes looking up at you, how can you resist?

Asian sex dolls are among the most popular choices available, and if our Full List (link above) doesn’t include the perfect pick for you, leave a comment below and we’ll help you find what’s right.

These oriental goddesses include sex dolls with varying qualities, such as flat chests, thick thighs, pale skin, big breasts, etc.

Our top Japanese Sex Doll is the one and only...

Esther from 123 Sex

  • A real woman, ready to smother
  • Bodacious body, thick thighs, and prepared for a real man
  • $2,299

Hispanic Sex Dolls (Full List)

Latina Sex Dolls, Spanish Sex Dolls, and everything in between, our Hispanic Sex Dolls include lovers from most Spanish-Speaking countries.

So if you prefer the spicy sensation only Hispanic girls can give, turn your eyes towards these top selections. Now remember, these girls can be anything you want them to be so if you’ve held that fantasy in your head for a while, now’s your chance to live it out.

These sexy sex dolls will not disappoint.

The spicy Señorita taking the spot for Best Hispanic Sex Doll

Seira from 123 Sex

  • Badass with a fine ass
  • She's ready to tousle you in the sheets
  • $2,299

Fetish Sex Dolls

Got a fetish?

You’re probably the kind of man girls would have the most fun with in the bedroom; if only they knew. The sex dolls within this category know though. They know what you want and they’re here to give it to you. All you must do is ask.

Fly to the bedroom with our fairies, tousle through our midgets, and stick it between her big ass cheeks if you want. Meet these kinky sex dolls and show them the good time they’ve been waiting for.

Fairy Sex Dolls

Fairy sex dolls will enchant your life and bring magic into the bed. With pointy ears for you to fondle while she shows you how deep her throat is, and large nipples for you to suckle, these fairy sex dolls can bring joy not given my many others bring.

For a look inside this realm of luxury sex dolls, click the Full List above. But while you’re here, see below for the top fairy sex dolls in the industry.

The Magical Lady taking the spot for Top Fairy Sex Doll is:


  • Those ears aren't the only thing that will be pocking her tonight
  • Dreamy eyes, mystical smile, and a seductive body
  • $2,399

Midget Sex Dolls

Do you remember Bridget the Midget?

That was a whole-lotta woman packed inside that tiny sexy body. Although we’d love the opportunity to make the actual comparison, we can say our midget sex dolls compare quite nicely to the real thing. Dominate this sex doll in ways those big girls can’t understand.

Midget sex dolls will be your submissive girl and bring you feelings only they can give. Look through our options or check out our top pick below.

Big Boob Sex Dolls (Full List)

I love boobs.

You love boobs.

And when there’s more boob within the boobs, I love the boobs even more. Our big boob sex dolls provide endless pleasure and a multitude of sex acts for you to engage in. These heavenly big breasts are made from soft skin-like substance that mimics the real thing.

Lay your head to rest every night on this beautiful sex dolls chest and wake up to a face full of bust and mouth full of tits.

There was really no match for the Best Big Boob Sex Doll

Roxy is one of the Best Dolls in the market today

  • When you think of the ideal sex doll, she is the spitting image
  • Wrap those legs around you, smother yourself in those big breasts, and feel her warm embrace
  • $2,199

Big Butt Sex Dolls

Big asses.

The other part of sex dolls I tend to love more as it gets bigger. But while the big boob sex dolls usually have the sexual feature of a big ass, some of the love dolls within the big ass sex dolls category have a more modest breast size.

This number-one voted sexy doll deserves all the ass eating you can give.

The Best Big-Ass Sex Doll?

Gina, what a sight for sore eyes

  • Just look at her.... 
  • Big Ass, seductive eyes, and a smile that draws you near
  • $1,899

Flat Chest Sex Dolls

These tender lovers are for you gentleman that enjoy those soft breasts fitting perfectly in your hand.

There’s something to be loved in breasts and chests of all sizes and there is definitely pleasure to be had with these boobs of more modest size. Get a firmer grip on these fun-sized chests as you move her nipples and breasts to where you want them to go.

If you’d like to find the flat chest sex doll that brings back old memories, or you’re seeking to bring that image in your mind to life, slide below for our number one girl or browse the Full List above.

Our top rated Flat-Chested Sex Doll?

Lucey, with 123 Sex Dolls

  • Perky, smirky, and flirty
  • Don't let her smile fool you, she's a freak in the sheets
  • $1,899

Mature Sex Dolls

Lost someone?

Perhaps these mature sex dolls can bring some comfort back into your world.

Some gentlemen are looking to bring back some familiar company into their lives while others simple have a preference for more “experienced” lovers. If you happen to fall into one of these categories, mature sex dolls could be a great choice for bringing sexual satisfaction to yourself.

Browse our limited selection by clinking the link above or see the top pick that may be just what you’re looking for.

Our experienced, top-rated Mature Sex Doll is....

Bonnie at 123 Sex

  • This cougar may actually teach you a thing or two
  • Sexy, fit, mature, and aged like fine wine
  • $2,399

Male Sex Dolls

With reports being shared from other sex dolls (thought catalog 22 weird facts), and based off analysis of our own sex doll sale, male sex dolls account for generally 8%-10% of sex doll sales. If you’re in the market for buying these hard-bodied sex dolls, you’d be part of a select group of individuals enjoying long nights bonding with these hunks.

Browse all the hotties with the sexy bodies by viewing the Full List above if you’re not satisfied with the top-voted male love doll.

The hunk that ranks in as the Top Male Sex Doll is no other than...


  • An all-star college athlete, he has no shame in pitching for both teams
  • Fun loving, big dick, and a rock hard body. Need I say more?
  • $2,599

Sex Doll Alternatives

It won’t be long until some of these alternatives are being enjoyed by you AND your sex robot. Technological advances and heightening sex doll demands will lead to sex doll abilities to get more interpersonal with their partners.

Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

For now, these alternatives can be used solely by you, with a live partner, or in a limited manner between you and your sex doll.

However you roll, view the top picks for sex doll torsos, flesh-lights, and stimulating oral sex machines.

Sex Doll Torsos

If you’re unfamiliar with sex doll torsos, allow us to introduce them.

Sex dolls torsos are essentially the section of a sex doll starting at around the mid-thigh and ending at the neck; they also usually don’t have full arms.

A great use for these curvy figures is to lie them in front of you while you watch your favorite video and experience self-pleasure in a whole new light.

However you want to work your imagination and get that life-like sex feeling, use these sex doll torsos to make it easier.

The best Sex Doll Torso? She even comes with a head!

Sheila with 123 Sex Dolls

  • Easy to toss around and store easily
  • Beautiful boobs, compact body, and two hand-fulls of ass
  • $1,399


Have you seen how many different categories there are on any given adult site?



Because people get bored of the same thing and like to experience new things, different ways to have an orgasm, and live vicariously through their subjects.

If you’re ready to change things up a bit and you’ve already got bored of using your other hand (which I recommend you use, if you haven’t), maybe it’s time to bring your masturbation session to a different level.

Use a Pocket Pussy.

They’re made from the same material that’s found in the vaginas of our TPE Sex Dolls and Silicone Sex Dolls and you can store them more discreetly.

Pst…you can even find Fleshlights molded from your favorite porn stars (here).

But here’s our favorite:  

The best Poceket Pussy, both in quality and comfort:

123 Sex

    Oral Sex Simulator

    Why is oral sex so pleasurable for men (and women)?

    Because we don’t have to work for it.

    We don’t have to exert any energy and instead get to experience the ultimate form of relaxation while relieving our minds of any distractions. Although our lovely sex dolls are more than willing to let you experience how deep their throats go, they can’t yet give you this warm massage while doing it.

    This “massage” I’m referring to is that given by the oral sex simulator. These machines give you a warm gentle rub while bringing you to your climax and simulating a real blowjob.

    Conveniently pack them in your bag, use them while watching a film, and reward yourself at the end of a long day.

    This is truly a work of art!

    123 Sex Dolls Oral Sex Simulator

    • Hands free, because we definitely enjoy not doing the work ourselves
    • Lubed, heated, and always satisfying!
    • $75

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