The 2019 Sex Doll Buyers Guide

(skip introduction) You’re a lone sailor, isolated at sea in the early 17th century. A long voyage awaits you and, naturally, you can’t stop thinking about the lady you left back on land. As the days pass, it becomes harder for the thoughts to escape your mind and you boarder closer and closer to insanity. After about a month, both wrists swell and leave you incapable of relieving you of your stress. How do you keep yourself from derangement now? Not only is it essential to your mental stability, it's also mandatory for optimal health. You gather some old clothes,...

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Silicone Sex Dolls vs. TPE Sex Dolls: What's the difference?

If you’ve been searching for sex dolls, chances are you’ve come to realize that most sex dolls are made from either Silicone or TPE. These materials are best used for sex dolls because they’re both durable and make for a more realistic sex doll. Here at 123 Sex Dolls, we sell both.

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